Westerly’s Culinary and Cultural Renaissance: The Cafe and The United Theatre

Experience the Harmony of Fine Dining and Performing Arts in the Heart of Rhode Island

At the heart of Westerly, Rhode Island, The Cafe and The United Theatre stand as twin pillars of culture and culinary delight. Under the adept management of Stephen Corrigan, The Cafe offers an ambience perfect for any occasion, serving a menu rich with artfully crafted dishes and innovative drinks. Its opening closely aligned with the multimillion-dollar restoration of The United Theatre, a historic vaudeville house from 1926, fostering a symbiotic relationship that enriches the local community. Together, they offer a perfect evening out, beginning with a meal at The Cafe, where options range from shared appetizers and signature cocktails to diverse main courses and delectable desserts, followed by a performance or cinema experience at The United Theatre, rejuvenated to serve as a vibrant hub for the arts. This partnership encapsulates the spirit of Westerly, inviting both locals and visitors to partake in its rich cultural and culinary landscape.

The Cafe

Dive into Westerly, Rhode Island’s lively culinary scene at The Cafe, a place where every visit starts with a warm welcome. The Cafe shines under the guidance of the affable general manager, Stephen Corrigan, offering an atmosphere that suits any occasion, from cozy dates to lively gatherings with friends. Its menu is a testament to culinary artistry, melding mouthwatering dishes with innovative beverages, all served up with impeccable hospitality

Start the night off with one of their signature cocktails (we opted for the classic margarita that had a perfect sweet and tangy mix). The snack menu boasts an array of appetizers for sharing, from the luscious Deviled Eggs to the crispy Fried Artichokes, and an absolute favorite Mexican Street Corn “Elote” Croquettes filled with local sweet corn, cotija cheese, and zesty chili-lime crema. Don’t miss out on the Café Frites paired with a flavorful garlic aioli. Explore their table friendly Boards selection, featuring treats like Hummus Platter, Artisan Bread Board, Regional Cured Meat & Cheese, and the indulgent Cacio e Pepe Fondue, each paired with delightful sides to elevate the taste experience. This menu seamlessly blends classic favorites with inventive touches, promising a gastronomic adventure.

Hungry for more? The main menu beckons with a diverse array of dishes spanning multiple courses. Start with tantalizing soups, glazed Brussels sprouts, fresh tuna poke, and a variety of oyster preparations. The raw bar tempts with shrimp cocktail and local oysters. Salad lovers can savor options like charred Caesar and baby kale with Cara Cara orange. Sandwich aficionados can relish the house-made salmon burger and braised lamb naan tacos, while mains showcase delights such as roasted cod, chicken & dumplings, duck duo, and an array of meticulously crafted dishes highlighting seasonal, local produce.

Be sure to leave for dessert with the an unforgettable Sticky Toffee Pudding, the perfect finish to the evening.

The United Theatre

The United Theatre in Westerly, RI, stands as a beacon of arts and culture, revitalizing the historic charm of the town. With its multimillion-dollar restoration, the theatre has been transformed into a vibrant hub for performances, cinema, and educational programs. It now serves as a key player in the local arts scene, attracting both the community and visitors to experience a diverse array of artistic expressions. This revitalization not only preserves the theatre’s rich history but also propels Westerly into a new era of cultural enrichment and community engagement.

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