Broadlawn Farm’s Sweet Initiative: Combating Human Trafficking with Chunk Honey

Broadlawn Farm aims to continue its philanthropic mission and raise awareness about human trafficking prevention.

In a sweet twist this Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Ohio-based business Broadlawn Farm is leveraging the power of honey to support survivors. The farm, rooted in positive psychology, recently raised $350 for the Renee Jones Empowerment Center (RJEC) through its December honey launch. Now, with a fresh stock and an expanded honey portfolio featuring the new “chunk” honey, Broadlawn Farm aims to continue its philanthropic mission and raise awareness about human trafficking prevention.

The Sweet Success Continues: Launching Chunk Honey

Founder Elizabeth (Beth) Sheeler, driven by positive psychology principles, transformed her encounter with survivors facilitated by beekeeper Jay Hadam into a mission to make a difference. The December honey launch, which sold out within two weeks, saw 20% of the proceeds—$350—contributed to RJEC. Now, with the introduction of chunk honey, the farm aims to captivate consumers while further supporting the vital cause.

Beekeeping as Therapy: A Transformative Journey

Inspiration struck when award-winning beekeeper Jay Hadam, finding solace in beekeeping as an escape from his role in human trafficking survivor support, invited Beth Sheeler to join survivors in learning the art of beekeeping. Driven by these impactful experiences, Beth decided to sell locally produced honey on Broadlawn Farm’s website, with a significant portion of proceeds dedicated to supporting RJEC.

Empowering Lives, One Jar at a Time

Priced at $24.95 per jar, Broadlawn Farm Honey, including the newly introduced chunk honey, is exclusively available on By choosing this sweet treat, consumers not only indulge in a delightful experience but also directly contribute to RJEC’s mission of providing comprehensive support to survivors bravely breaking free from human trafficking.

Beth Sheeler’s Enthusiastic Commitment

Expressing her enthusiasm, Beth Sheeler stated, “Our decision to sell honey emerged as a meaningful way to support the Renee Jones Empowerment Center and raise awareness in the community simultaneously. We are thrilled to share this honey and, in turn, shed light on the vital work of the Center.”

How You Can Contribute

By choosing Broadlawn Farm Honey, individuals become active contributors to the well-being of survivors and advocates for human trafficking prevention. The farm’s commitment to donating 20% of all sales directly fuels RJEC’s efforts to provide holistic restorative services and educational programs.

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