Sea-Inspired Elegance: The Nautical Jewelry Odyssey of Patsy Kane

From Marblehead to Coastal Charms – Unraveling the Maritime Designs of Patsy Wiswell

Patsy Wiswell, Patsy Kane Company is a nautical jewelry designer based in Marblehead, MA; inspired by all things coastal, her collection helps bring a little salt air, fair winds and following seas to all who wear them!
All of her products are designed, manufactured and/or sourced out of her workroom in Marblehead. She works in partnership with Heritage Industries, a division of the Northeast Arc, on production of her Summer Bracelets, I Love You Bracelets and Bosun Bracelets. She sells her line both online and to fine retail shops throughout New England. When she’s not designing, you can find her on the water or the mountain enjoying time with her husband Byron.

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