New England Spring Fever | Caitlin James

Rhode Island Photographer Caitlin James shares what New England spring means to her through her lens


what does spring in new england mean to you?

The best way to describe Spring in New England is an awakening. It feels like everyone is coming out of hibernation after a quiet and cold winter. First the daffodils bloom then we have the cherry trees and tulips. Sometimes we experience all four seasons at once with a rainy morning, warm afternoon, and an overnight frost but that’s what makes it so special. You never know what to expect only that summer is waiting for you on the other side.

Spring in New England is truly one of a kind.

This year has been extra special since there is also a sense of hope in the air. The birds seem louder and the sky appears brighter. Last spring feels like it was a lifetime ago and you can tell everyone is itching to get outside. One of my favorite indicators of spring, in addition to the flowers, is the opening of ice cream stores. New England has some of the best homemade ice cream and it’s the perfect pick me up after a rainy day. Spring in New England is truly one of a kind.

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hey there, i’m cait!
I’m photographing my way through life from the snow to the sea.

I am a born and raised South Jersey girl now living in the smallest state with the biggest dreams. The first time I came to Rhode Island was for college and the second time was for love. Most days you can find me with my toes in the sand or cuddled up with my crazy pup #littleladydakota. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend and I love telling the story of how we ended up in the Emergency Room on our first date. I am a retired NCAA gymnast and an alumna of Delta Phi Epsilon International Sorority.

For my full time job, I am a Marketing Assistant and real-life social butterfly for Longwood Venues. Not a day goes by that I don’t think to myself how lucky I am to have this job and how perfect it is for me. On the side, I’m a photographer, freelance content creator, and social media consultant.

I think it is important to stay up late laughing with your best friends and always making time to call your mom. I love spending my days by the sea, visiting every lighthouse in New England, and seeking out the best Bloody Mary. I dream of opening a popsicle shop in a small coastal town. I like to keep it real and authentic. Nothing cheesy, unless it’s my fries.

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