Brushstrokes of Inspiration: An Artistic Journey with Meredith Hanson

Exploring Coastal Wonders, Nantucket Charms, and New Mainland Adventures Through the Artistry of Meredith Hanson

For over 12 years, artist Meredith Hanson has been building an amazing collaborative resume one paint project at at time. She spent the past 11 years on Nantucket, which has been a tremendous source of artistic inspiration – from the incredible seascapes and landscapes to the local shops and festival weekends unique to this magical island. Part-artist, part-explorer, she has been inspired by her coastal surroundings and travels and her artistry reflects them all. Now planting roots on the mainland with her trusty Golden Retreiver Willis, she’s looking forward to even more artistic adventures. We caught up with her to find out all about them.

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photos courtesy of Meredith Hanson

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