Crafting Order from Chaos: Meet Kathleen Kurjanowicz of James Point Stationery

From Mom's Lists to MultiTasker Marvels – Unveiling the Passion and Precision Behind Luxury Paper Organization

Attention list-makers! Meet Kathleen Kurjanowicz – the mastermind behind James Point, a stationery collection created out of pure passion for simplicity, organization, and high-quality luxury paper. As a busy mom and wife, Kathleen always had a thing for making lists, but carrying stacks of Post-it notes around wasn’t cutting it. That’s when she had an aha moment and created the brand’s signature product – The MultiTasker – a sophisticated and simple way to keep all your lists in one place.

Say goodbye to chaotic lists and hello to an exquisite collection of high-quality stationery products that will make your heart skip a beat. For Kathleen, it all started with a love for back-to-school shopping as a kid, and now she gets to share her passion with all of us who share her love for new pens and office supply aisles. Treat yourself to the simple life – with James Point.

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