Faraway Martha’s Vineyard

Get ready to discover Blue Flag Partners newest hotel in Edgartown


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Get ready to experience an exciting new chapter at one of America’s most beloved hotels. Faraway Martha’s Vineyard debuts in Edgartown this year, but the building has already been a celebrated institution on the island since 1742. The Kelley House, one of the nation’s oldest hotels, was acquired by Blue Flag Partners in 2020 and has undergone a stunning transformation while honoring its rich history. Faraway Martha’s Vineyard is the developer’s second hospitality project, the first being Faraway Nantucket. 

The Faraway’s design is rooted in mid-century style intertwined with the laid back island vibe of Martha’s Vineyard. Commissioned artists and floral designers have created bespoke art pieces that adorn the lobby walls, and exquisite curated art is scattered throughout the property. 

The campus boasts a new pool, spa, and gym area surrounded by lush gardens for ultimate relaxation. Visitors can experience the Pelican Club, the pop-up sushi bar and outdoor restaurant, surrounded by greenery, flowers, and lanterns that twinkle in the evening. And of course, the Newes from America Pub, beloved by Edgartown, will reopen May 24th with locally sourced food and drinks. 

Faraway MV reflects the nostalgic musing for the island’s native botany, offering a retreat that beckons guests to explore, experiment, and escape the ordinary. Blue Flag Partners drew inspiration from Martha’s Vineyard’s inseparable association with flowers and the free spirits that attend to them, along with the island’s strong arts and music scene stemming from the 1970s. 

The managing partners behind the project spoke about their inspiration and plans, noting “Our goal was to inspire discovery for immersive experiences, and we spent months uncovering the property’s true soul. With a marriage of 21st century operational acumen and thoughtfully rooted mid-century design, we want to carry on the property’s legacy while bringing it into its next iteration. We’re committed to assuring that Faraway Martha’s Vineyard will remain a cultural anchor in Edgartown for years to come.”

From the exquisite beaches, sought-after dining, and an unparalleled sense of character to the property’s private pool, beckoning guest room views, and award-winning dining, Faraway, MV is an unmatched center point. As the perfect destination for travelers searching for a unique Martha’s Vineyard experience, Faraway, MV is sure to become a legendary landmark like its predecessor. 

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