Enjoy the Indian Harbor Yacht Club Classic Regatta with Delamar Greenwich Harbor

Experience the Indian Harbor Yacht Club's Classic Yacht Regatta with the Delamar Greenwich Harbor this September 16th and 17th with exclusive VIP access to watch from a luxurious custom yacht.

The Delamar Greenwich Harbor is thrilled to announce its exclusive partnership with the Indian Harbor Yacht Club for this year’s highly anticipated Classic Yacht Regatta on September 16th and 17th.

As part of this exciting collaboration, Delamar Greenwich Harbor will offer locals and hotel guests the extraordinary opportunity to indulge in a VIP viewing experience of IHYC’s Classic Yacht Regatta. Guests will have the pleasure of soaking in the mesmerizing sights from Delamar’s rare and custom-built yachts while savoring l’escale restaurant’s private label champagne or IHYC’s signature “Black Top” cocktail, complemented by a delectable l’escale lobster roll. It’s an exclusive experience that’s usually reserved for IHYC members, but Delamar Greenwich Harbor is opening the doors to all sailing enthusiasts.

The esteemed history of Charles Mallory, the founder of Delamar Hotels, is deeply intertwined with that of the Indian Harbor Yacht Club and US Sailing. Charles Mallory’s grandfather, Clifford Day Mallory Sr., presided as the commodore of Indian Harbor Yacht Club in the 1930s. From 1930 onwards, IHYC wholeheartedly supported high school and middle school sailing, thanks in part to Commodore Clifford Day Mallory’s visionary efforts. Today, the prestigious interscholastic national championship appropriately carries his name, ‘The Mallory Trophy.’ Additionally, during this period, Clifford Day Mallory served as the President of the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound. He was a key figure in shaping the sport of sailing and played an instrumental role in the establishment of sailing organizations such as NAYRU (North American Yacht Racing Union), now known as US Sailing, the US Power Squadron, the Yacht Racing Union of Long Island Sound, and The American Power Boating Association.

Now, let’s talk tickets. They are available but they’re limited, so act fast. Only 18 tickets available per time slot, priced at $240 per person. 

Tickets are available HERE.

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