Sculpting Elegance: The Artistic Journey of Sara Nelson with ELLI PARR Jewelry

From Craft Tables in Vermont to Chic Boutiques in New England – Unveiling the Creative Odyssey of a Natural Artistic Extraordinaire

Meet Sara Nelson of ELLI PARR Jewelry, a natural creative extraordinaire! From dabbling in oil painting to sprucing up interiors, she’s always had a fiery passion for infusing art and design into the lives of those around her. What began as a whimsical hobby on her daughter Ava’s craft table in Vermont quickly became the beloved Elli Parr brand adored by women nationwide and showcased in chic boutiques throughout New England.

Sara initially started crafting jewelry to nurture her creativity while juggling family and her day job. As her daughter peacefully snoozed, Sara delighted in stringing bracelets and setting dazzling stones. But when her loved ones started clamoring for their own custom pieces, this beloved pastime magically transformed into the splendid jewelry brand you see today.

Sara’s wellspring of inspiration springs from her vibrant everyday life—unforgettable places she’s wandered, fascinating people she’s crossed paths with, and above all, her cherished family. Her three sweet girls, along with her doting husband Brandt, serve as her steadfast cheerleaders and constant driving force. Thanks to their unwavering support, Sara’s passion project has truly blossomed into a vibrant life force and an awe-inspiring brand.

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