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Coastal Crab

Coastal Crab is a brand that is comfortable, casual, and good for the entire family. Our colors are fun and bright and capture the feeling of being on a beach vacation all year long!

Maine Melon

maine melon is inspired by the coastal lifestyle in Maine and throughout New England where designer Maryellen Rooney has spent her entire life.  Spending time in Nantucket, Cape Cod, The Lakes Region in New Hampshire and now residing in the coastal town of Falmouth, Maine, Maryellen has always been fascinated by nautical objects and anything with ties to the ocean.

Brook + York

From pieces that echo the sophistication of New York’s classic architecture and landmarks to looks that capture the laid-back ambience of the East Coast, our jewelry celebrates the many possible expressions of American style with timeless materials, thoughtful design, and dedicated craftsmanship. We also know that American style is ultimately a way of life more than anything else, and we strive to create quality, versatile jewelry that is easy to dress up, dress down, customize and personalize, and that expresses the beauty, free-spiritedness, and passion of our customers.

Wildwood Oyster Co

The materials that are chosen for Wildwood Oyster Co. necklaces and bags are sourced locally and responsibly. The leather and dock line for the Wildwood Oyster Co. necklaces are sourced from remnants. The dock line for the handbags and necklaces is manufactured in New England. Designer Becky McKinnell is a designer, mom and entrepreneur who dreams of all things beach and summer.

Business Listings

ACK 4170

ACK is the airport code for Nantucket Island and the 41 (latitude) 70 (longitude) are the geographic coordinates, abbreviated, making our trademarked name, logo and brand: ACK 4170™. This brand of high-quality, Nantucket-inspired accessories, apparel, jewelry, home decor, stationery and art, has washed ashore. Made up of mostly small makers and artists, we give you a taste of the good, salt life…30 miles out.

All Girls Shave Club

We deliver high quality, female-focused, unique shaving and body products that will delight you with every use. Our products are always free from parabens, propylene glycol and added colors/dyes. And because we’re animal lovers too, cruelty-free always & forever.

Allison Cole Jewelry

Nautical Rope & Leather Jewelry Handmade in New England designed by Nicole Recommendes. Signature bracelet styles crafted out of strong maritime rope or bungie cord and sleek metal anchor clasps.

Becky Elgart

Drawn to the beauty of the coast and the endless inspiration she finds there, Becky’s beautiful watercolors, whether figurative or abstract, is about her love for the coast and bringing that feeling into the home.

Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Designs is an award-winning design studio specializing in custom invitations for all special occasions. We don’t just design something beautiful, we create something wonderous. Something that perfectly captures you. We live and breathe weddings and love nothing more than to create memorable and lasting keepsakes.

Chappy Wrap

Founded in 2006, ChappyWrap is dedicated to making the best blankets ever. Our high-quality blankets are cozy and warm—the softest blanket, made for a lifetime! We pride ourselves on blankets that are easy to clean and durable, yet comforting and snuggle-worthy. Discover what makes ChappyWrap the best throw blanket around.

ChART Metalworks

Handcrafted custom nautical chart and map adornments allowing you to capture your most treasured spots across the globe. CHART metalworks is the original custom nautical chart and map jewelry.

Chatham Ivy

Picture a world filled with rose covered Capes, shimmering sailboats and barefoot summers. Welcome to our world! Hand illustrated tees and accessories celebrating the New England coastline.

Dee Ruel

The beauty and simplicity of the ocean has been a source of great inspiration for Dee Ruel’s art. She has transformed her appreciation for all things beautiful into exquisite pieces of jewelry. Her passion for creative expression is boundless, and her talent for designing unique pieces sets her above the rest.


Thoughfully designed with quality fabrics and construction, for comfortable wear and easy care. MerriMane is more than children’s outerwear, it’s Happywear!

Monogram Mary

Monogram Mary was launched in 2016 with the desire to bring personalization and custom gifts back to the marketplace. At Monogram Mary we​ believe in celebrating who you are, always. From brides-to-be to a new baby on the way or a friend you haven’t seen in awhile, Monogram Mary can put together the perfect gift so they know just how much you care.


navyBLEU is an online boutique dedicated to everything navy. Navy is a color that represents sophistication, style and class. Everyone looks beautiful in navy so owner Erin Horynak thought it was time to create a one-stop shopping experience for all of the navy lovers out there.

Paul Landry Co

Founded out of a need for t-shirt refinement, Paul Landry Co. emerges as the comfiest, most durable American apparel a prepster can get their claws on. Inspired by the dapper stylings of his beloved Grampa Pooh, Paul Landry Co. aims to bring the sweet melted butter culture of New England style and values to the everyday adventurer and cool dudes alike.

On the Road Again

From the backwoods to the rocky coastline, combined with a passion for handmade, On the Road Again® was born out of a life grounded in New England. Inspired by the durable weather resistant mesh used to create truck tarps several elements are incorporated in the designs.


Preppy with a twist! A lifestyle brand with styles for all ages. We are known for vibrant resort and coastal prints. A collection that mirrors a timeless style made with performance fabrics. Our busy girl can sport sailor-sailor day and into the night. Proudly Made in USA.

Sara Fitz Studio

From stationery and framed prints, to coastal-themed gift wrap, wallpaper and textiles, Sara Fitz offers charming designs, inspired by summers on Nantucket Island and brought to life at the husband and wife team of Sara and Miles’ home-studio in York Harbor, Maine.

Stück in the Studio

A multi-media crafts brand that inspires elegance in everyday life. Artist Kelly Stück’s weaving sculptures, both for function and aesthetic purposes, are from humble and less recognizable materials. Proudly made in New Hampshire.

The Preppy Stitch

The Preppy Stitch provides monogrammed items for the home, for weddings, and for travel! We love to create a special monogram just for you to help your personality shine through! We also love working with you to create that perfect, personal gift.

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