Welcome to the start of your Coastal New England Marketing Plan

Shorelines Illustrated is a magazine and media company that celebrates and showcases the LIFE, LEISURE + LATITUDE of Coastal New England + Beyond.

Travel, Photography, Entertaining, Food, Style, Home, Garden, Design, Weddings, Events, Real Estate and more….

From the hundred-mile stretch of the Connecticut coastline; to the banks of Rhode Island and Massachusetts; sailing up through the glorious Cape Cod + Islands and coming ashore on the seacoasts of New Hampshire and Maine; we’ve got your Latitude.

We use our media and digital platforms to ENERGIZE, EXCITE + ENGAGE vendors, venues and tastemakers with a sophisticated New England audience.

More than just advertising, we are avid advocates for the lifestyle and brands that our readers and followers SEEK, SHOP + SAVOR.

We invite you to tag along as we take you on a colorful and inspirational journey.

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